Dominic Alldis: Keynote Speaker

The Music Metaphor

As well as providing enjoyment, music is a powerful metaphor for discussing business related issues such as leadership, teamwork, creativity and personal development.  For example; How does a conductor lead a symphony orchestra?  How do jazz musicians innovate within a fast-moving and turbulent environment?  How do composers find inspiration to create new music?  These provocative questions use a non-business vocabulary to explore new ways of thinking about business practice and what it means to excel as a corporate player.

Dominic Alldis is a conductor and jazz musician. He has been speaking internationally to business audiences for over 15 years. To illustrate key points he uses video, interactive exercises, as well as a live piano or jazz band performance.  He is represented by some of the world's leading speaker bureaus (see Business Partners).  Dominic Alldis is an Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in London and a Steinway Artist.