Prelude in C by Bach

Artistry and Dedication

The piano is an instantly recognizable icon revered across cultures.  Furthermore, many of the world’s greatest composers, songwriters and performers have been inspired by its unique expressive power.

The Piano Experience begins with a famous piece of music played by pianist and business speaker Dominic Alldis. He invites the audience to sit close to the piano and reflect on what it takes to be a great artist, and how it relates to their own experience within a corporate environment. This is followed by an interactive discussion about self-actualisation, creativity and listening. Participants also learn how preparation, concentration and passion are essential facets of performance in both music and business.

The discussion is followed by a workshop where participants are given handheld percussion instruments and invited to form small groups or ‘bands’.  Each band is given 30 minutes to create an original piece of music, which they then perform for the whole group. This highly enjoyable team-building exercise brings a new perspective on creative thinking, acquiring skills under pressure, time-management, negotiation, and how to rehearse and deliver a successful performance.