Dominic Alldis

Founder & CEO

Dominic Alldis is an orchestral conductor, jazz musician, a professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London and a Steinway Artist. He founded Music and Management in 2003 to provide musical learning experiences for executive development programs and business conferences. His thought-provoking and transformative presentations often feature live musicians, ranging from large symphony orchestras to more intimate string quartets and jazz bands, depending on the objectives of the client.

Madeleine Edwards

Programme & Client Development

Madeleine Edwards has been crucial to the development and success of Music & Management. Since 2005, she has been responsible for designing new programmes, marketing and web development, and maintaining links to past and present clients. As well as contributing to the work of Music & Management, she is also a professional musician and qualified coach (CTI), with a special interest in the music metaphor and existential coaching.

Kieran Conlon


Kieran Conlon is responsible for video and digital communication on the Music & Management website. With over 25 years experience as an independent filmmaker, he has specialized in providing video content for Arts organizations such as the Guildhall School of Music and The Royal Society of the Arts. He can be contacted directly via his production company Realta.

Vivienne Huang

Vivienne Huang

Business Strategy

Vivienne Huang is a freelance business and marketing consultant for creative clients, focusing on content strategy and audience research. Formerly Head of New Media at award-winning branding and marketing agencies such as The Partners, she has worked with the British Museum, Channel 4 and the Daily Telegraph.  She has overseen the website design and has an active role in securing new business for Music & Management.