Virtual Orchestra Experience

Virtual Jazz Experience

Virtual Musical Events & Webinars


Music & Management provides webinars and virtual musical events for team meetings, conferences and leadership development programs using the latest conference technology. Every event is customised for the client and can be delivered to any global location or time zone.

The Webinar is a solo event delivered by the conductor, jazz musician and founder of Music & Management Dominic Alldis. He uses a combination of video excerpts, slides and live demonstration to convey insightful messages about leadership, collaboration, listening, trust and the communication skills needed to perform effectively in a virtual working environment.

The Virtual Orchestra Experience is a live interactive event featuring 15-20 orchestral players. It is produced and delivered from the UK using the latest robotic cameras and studio sound.

The Virtual Jazz Experience is a similar live event delivered from the UK featuring a quartet of jazz musicians (saxophone, piano, bass & drums).


Key themes:

• What can music teach us about listening, tolerence, collaboration, trust and shared responsibility?

• How do players in an orchestra develop the confidence, awareness and self-discipline needed to perform effectively in a live or virtual environment?

• How do orchestral conductors or "maestros" provide clear and effective leadership? How are they adapting their skills to lead effectively in a virtual environment?

• How does a conductor provide energy and momentum, show compassion and humility, and offer constructive feedback to orchestral players who only have a partial view of the complete musical performance?

• How do jazz musicians improvise within constraints, build on each other's ideas, embrace uncertainty, lead as well as follow and reinvent themselves in the face of change?

• How do jazz leaders assemble great bands, encourage risk-taking, creativity, tolerance and respect? How do they lead as well as step aside and encourage others to excel?