Dominic Alldis, conductor, jazz musician & business speaker

Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation and the metaphor of music

How does a conductor lead a symphony orchestra? How do orchestral players listen and collaborate to produce exceptional performances? How do jazz musicians thrive in a turbulent environment, build on each other's ideas and produce spectacular musical results? How do composers and songwriters create new musical forms? The world of music provides a powerful lens and new vocabulary for viewing a business environment and discussing leadership, teamwork, listening, trust, diversity and innovation.

Dominic Alldis is an orchestral conductor, jazz musician and business speaker. He has been talking to corporate audiences about music for over 20 years. His conference speeches feature video and audio examples, as well as live performance by a symphony orchestra, jazz or classical quartet, or a multi-culture band. Dominic is an Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in London and a Steinway Artist.

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