The Fusion Experience with live jazz quartet & string quartet

Collaboration and Creativity

The Fusion Experience is an interactive 90-minute event that explores a challenge facing many business organisations today: how to maintain corporate reliability and strategic alignment, while fostering creativity and individual responsibility.

These issues are represented by two contrasting team cultures: classical and jazz.  The classical team culture is represented by a string quartet: a formalised musical group, realising a composer’s intentions through technical precision, careful preparation and superlative performance.  The jazz team culture is represented by a jazz quartet: four individuals engaged in a spontaneous musical dialogue around a common theme, embracing experimentation and risk-taking to engender a rich flow of creative ideas

Using a series of carefully crafted exercises in which the two quartets perform both individually and together, the Fusion Experience asks:

  • How are these two team cultures similar and how are they different?
  • How can they co-exist, collaborate and enhance one another's performance?
  • How can business organisations benefit from both team cultures?