Transformation Experience Video

Music and Transformation

The Transformation Experience is a 90-minute interactive event that explores diversity, inclusion, listening and trust through the metaphor of music.

The event begins with a performance of a famous piece of classical music played by the pianist Dominic Alldis. Dominic then introduces a diverse group of musicians to join him on a fascinating musical journey as they collectively transform the thematic material into something new.

The musicians are chosen from different cultural backgrounds and musical traditions... including a classical violinist, a jazz saxophonist, a tabla player, a rock drummer, a bass player, and a pianist. Each musician is invited to contribute a unique perspective as the music evolves during the session.

The audience are also actively engaged in the creative process, making observations and asking questions, and influencing the choices being made by the musicians as they prepare for performance.

The event also explores the challenges around inclusive leadership, effective communication, emotional inteligence, co-creationonboarding new talent, embracing change and performing in a turbulent environment.

Watch the video to see and hear how "Autumn" from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi has been 'transformed' from its original into something closer to jazz.

The Transformation Experience can be delivered as either an in-person or virtual event.