We were all so surprised and grateful for such a fantastic event and really impressed by the fluidity of the online experience. I personally felt the emotions were real despite there being a screen between us and the orchestra. So, a big thank you again to you and your orchestra for such an excellent performance…
Neige Poli
Group HR Development Manager
I want to thank you for an incredible experience. The entire team loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it. Hopefully we’ll be able to work together again in the future in a live setting...
Scott S. Case, PhD
Executive Medical Science Liaison
Bristol Myers Squibb
I want to thank you again for the great time we spent with you last week. We have received incredibly positive feedback from so many BCGers around the world. And those smiles on the screens during the session, priceless! The balance between the music played and the learnings was fantastic - it was a great honor to have you as our guest speaker!..
Camille Egloff
Managing Director & Senior Partner
Boston Consulting Group
After two intensive days of self-discovery and expanding their leadership mindset and skills, participants arrive at the orchestral interlude - always, the program's crescendo. You bring to life what leadership embodies, inspiring our leaders to stretch to their fullest potential. Your insights about collaboration and trust resonate powerfully with our leaders in the context of their teams and the business. In their words, "transformative and empowering" - elevating their sense of purpose and a shared responsibility for the work and for their teams. Simply magical…
Lynne Mueller
Director of Worldwide Training
Time and time again, an absolute highlight of our leadership development program is the interlude session with you, Dominic. The chance to sit among an orchestra, to experience the interplay, the connection, the artistry of the musicians is an inspiring and unforgettable experience. Even more powerful are the business insights our leaders gather during the session. Through your delicate facilitation and wonderfully eloquent commentary as maestro, our leaders gain new insights into the power of the podium, the impact of their leadership and importance of truly listening. Quite literally Dominic, you are helping us transform leadership here at eBay...
Beth Axelrod
Senior Vice President, Head of Global HR
A large part of the beauty of the experience the orchestra is that it allows participants to really feel the difference that leaders can make.  It is one thing to tell executives that they have to be a step ahead of those they lead, or that micromanaging strangles motivation and creativity.  But it is immensely more powerful to show them, and indeed allow them to hear, the disappointing product of the reactive leader or the micromanager.  It also matters that the leadership lessons are offered in the context of the gorgeous music, and the gracious facilitation.  It is a session that brings out the best in everyone, as both leaders and learners...
Paul Ingram
Kravis Professor of Business
Columbia Business School
Learning about leadership through music is one of the most creative learning experiences I have ever had. The combination of beautiful music and Dominic Alldis's excellent ability in translating the orchestra's experience into everyday business leadership experiences is a unique and powerful opportunity for anyone who participates. I have been privileged to be a past participant but I feel equally privileged to bring this to my colleagues at Morgan Stanley. It is a beautiful, moving and educational experience. Bravo!..."
Ellen Shedlarz
Managing Director, Talent Management Group
Morgan Stanley
I want to thank you immensely for delivering such a remarkable and beautiful experience to the learning & development team at Google during our annual summit. Over the past 24 hours I have been approached by many of my colleagues telling me of how inspired, thrilled and just plain joyful they were in having experienced the music metaphor. Some have also said that it was the best learning experience they had ever had at Google or anywhere, period. That is high praise from a high performing teaming of learning professionals at one of the worlds most successful and admired companies! You have our deep appreciation for creating such a moving and enriching experience for us. May you continue to make beautiful music and share it with the world!...
Richard Fernandez
Director of Senior Executive Development
Dominic Alldis was the motivational highlight at our European Consulting Conference with about 900 participants in Madrid this year.  His message conveyed the importance both as a conductor and as a manager, using soft skills to reach common success.  His performance was elegant and he showed sheer mastery in creating the music very slowly and thereby building up the tension more effectively. With his work as a musician he demonstrated highest professionalism and excellence.  In fact Mr. Alldis received a standing ovation for his performance. Moreover it was exceptionally pleasant to work with Mr. Alldis. I would highly recommend him for similar events...
Christian Wilmschoefer
Vice President
Siemens Industry Software
The musical evening by Music & Management is a real magical event.  The beauty of it is how we learn the power of storytelling, how to put together a team of stars and with a few hints generate real teamwork, how to allow teams to alternate leadership at different moments, how to listen for the clues given to you by other team members.  All of this is done in a very professional way.  Dominic Alldis is not only a talented musician, but his empathy and connection to the audience allowed us to learn lessons from a very different professional field.  Feedback from the attendees was simply spectacular and it was an evening nobody will forget.  It is a privilege to be associated with you Dominic and we hope to continue working together in the years to come...
Luis Hernán Cubillos
Egon Zehender
Dominic Alldis's command of his profession rivals that of any senior business leader. His ability to connect key business principles like trust, respect, and execution was brought to life through his Music and Management performance. Respectfully, one of the most unique and enjoyable keynote speaker presentations your team will ever witness and be sure to remember…
John K Millis
Vice President
Thank you very much for your impressive performance at our management meeting in Berlin. It was a pleasure to listen to you and the fantastic musicians performing classical music and jazz. Besides the excellent musical performance, you gave us a very lively example of the importance of the right attitude and management skills to deliver outstanding results in your professional area. And this is what we and our managers took home as a learning: a common, clearly defined attitude and excellent management skills are a key factor for success also in our business...
Dr Jens Wichtermann
Group Director of Corporate Communications
We included the Orchestra Experience in our senior management conference and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. The impact on our most senior leadership was profound, and sitting within the orchestra allowed our leaders to truly experience the impact of effective management. Many participants stated that they will remember this experience vividly for years…
Amanda Kunevich
Global Talent VP
Thank you once again for conveying to our group the powerful music/business metaphor.  After two days of exploring the theories of leadership, you made it all come together in our Wednesday "interlude."  That night at our group dinner, participants couldn't stop talking about the transformative experience you led them through.  It was the highlight of their week!  Your insight about business organizations was exactly right:  we talk a lot.  We often talk past each other.  One of the great revelations about the orchestra experience is that musicians must listen as well as they play or the performance suffers.  This is a leadership lesson that was not lost on anyone attending your session…
Rick Zwern
Director, Worldwide Training, Hill & Knowlton
Excellent... the theme of music appealed to everyone.  It was very thought-provoking and relevant at both a personal and organizational level.  Dominic Alldis was engaging and interacted with the audience, I would recommend his presentation to any organisation...
Liam Keys
Managing Director
The orchestral metaphor is an extremely powerful way to convey leadership messages. I thought the session was really inspiring...
Sir Ian Cheshire
Group Chief Executive
The presentation by Dominic Alldis really engaged our staff from both the UK and France, and brought management issues to life in a unique and entertaining way…
David Atkins
I would like to thank you for the excellent talk you gave on Friday during our Executive Team meeting in Istanbul.  Your presentation was very inspiring and appreciated by all your audience.  Your metaphors and the bridge you described between leadership and conducting an orchestra illustrated well the challenges that we are face in our different functions.  This was a great learning experience for all participants...
Michel L. Pettigrew
President and COO
It is thanks to Dominic's powerful, yet simple, messages around being 'in tune' with each other while performing that I was able to be crystal clear about my management expectations for my top 50 executives: As Miles Davis said "don't play what you know, play what you hear...
Alfonso Di Ianni
Senior Vice President European Enlargement and Commonwealth of Independent Stages Region Oracle Corporation
An important part of the Leadership Development Centre was to stretch our managers thinking about leadership using music as a metaphor.  An important result was that our managers began to shift their mindset, seeing leadership through a jazz lens, as improvisation, collaboration and flexibility, not just through a traditional orchestral lens, as "conducting" a team...
Mark Jenner
Talent Organisation & Development Director
Barclays Bank
The music metaphor has proven to be really effective with our managers; he was just the right person at the right time and has this rare talent to obtain emotional engagement and let the audience discover simple things they will never forget. Highly recommended!..
Benedikt Benenati
Organisational Development Director
On behalf of UFl, we would like to thank you very much for the remarkable lecture you displayed during the 74th UFI Congress held last week in Versailles.  This event was greatly appreciated by the participants, not only because of its atmosphere and networking opportunities, but also because of its content, for which you played a key and very important role.  The entire UFI Team involved in the congress preparation and organization, as well as the congress moderator,  join us to share this success with you, as you were among those who made it possible...
Vincent Gerard
Managing Director
An eye opening experience and a very well structured presentation…  Dominic Alldis and the string quartet brought us a very refreshing definition of how to perform in a team…  An inspiring session and definitely a highlight of the course… Excellent, a fantastic night, the comparisons to music and leadership were relevant, but most importantly the night was fun…  It was surprising how well he was able to relate to leadership in business…  One of the highlights of the week…  A very good experience, we learned how to trust and to lead while keeping the harmony…  It was an eye opener, he excelled at getting to the point and highlighting what we have in common...
Buyers Group
By using the conductor of an orchestra as a metaphor for leadership of an organization, Dominic Alldis delivers a brilliant elaboration on the notion of "organized chaos", an oxymoron shared by both the business and the musical world. Indeed, these two fields need the right balance of rationality and imagination.  In addition, Dominic provides a superb illustration of this concept by reconciling structure and creativity in the elegant pieces of jazz music he performs during his presentation…
Concetta Lanciaux
Adviser to the Chairman, Executive Vice President Synergies
What a refreshing, practical way to demystify effective leadership. Simple, entertaining and drawn from the familiar experience of music, yet powerful and profound. A true learning experience for me in a very long time...
Bright Nkosi
VP Human Resources, Cereals Partners Worldwide
You did a terrific job and your presentation and training session was much appreciated by the participants. I hope you enjoyed your weekend in Marseilles...
Christie Deydier
Director of Planning & Development
Thanks very much indeed for your help with our workshop in South Africa.  Your input at the start of the event proved really effective in getting people to gel, to open up and, probably most importantly, to broaden thinking.  If you are available,  I would like to utilise your skills at our future workshops for our UK and US streams.  Once again, thank you very much indeed for your help...
Greg Hunt
Human Resources Director
Music & Management used a musical vocabulary to make his points about collaboration, leadership and creativity that was totally on target and relevant for our business clients and attorneys at our firm. Our clients gave up many wonderful comments and were very appreciative of being invited to our event…
Lawrence E. Oscar
Hahn Loeser
Music & Management creates magic through a thought-provoking, instructive and fun presentation. They worked with leaders from Sandoz and used music as a metaphor for leadership and team effectiveness.  Their methods are novel, interactive and applicable. Highly recommended...
Gloria Harris & Marty Pollock
From the various comments received so far from our participants, it seems that the Summer Academy was very well appreciated.  From my colleagues at the CBA, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for having made our first program a wonderful success...
Mahan Amarnath
Corporate Business Academy
Just a short note to thank you very much for your entertaining contribution to our Forum. Everybody I spoke to very much enjoyed hearing the musician's trade secrets, and we enjoyed the music too…
Sir Philip Dilley
Executive Chairman
I have to thank you and your colleagues again for an exquisite performance.  It was an remarkable event and you were able to open up for the Bishops many new aspects of understanding and overall appreciation of the importance of music, performance, delivery and enjoyment. I received so many positive comments and reflections from the group, about your participation, which was stunning.  The Cardinal in particular sends his best wishes and wants to thank you, for what you were able to do for his conference…
Stephen Brenninkmeijer
Porticus & The Andromeda Fund
English College
Thank you so much for your contribution to the conference last Friday.  Everyone really valued your input last week– the evaluations of your session were universally positive and you gave people plenty to think about.  What you did fitted perfectly with what we had been focusing on earlier in the day…
Alex Galvin
Head of Curriculum and Achievement
Leading Edge
Music & Management inspired us all with an experience that helped the whole organization think about leadership and collaboration in new ways and put us on the road to behavior change — which is always the hardest part of the equation...
Barrie Berg
What If
Thank you for an enlightening performance. You have brought The Guru Series to new heights!..
Datin Mornifairos Bte Othman
Executive Vice President, Group Organisational Learning
Music & Management used music to beautifully illustrate their key messages – and it really made the event feel special...
Rob Papps
CEO England & Wales
Thank you Dominic.  You really made a difference to our conference in Budapest…
Sari Kivenen
Head of Marketing, Packet Networks & Security
Thank you again for your fascinating keynote speech!  We hope to see you again very soon…
Katherine Heid
Network Manager
Thanks for being so wonderful onboard ship, you were fantastic and I am eternally gratefully...
Evie Owen
Richmond Events
I want to convey my thanks for what was a truly memorable event.  Your talk was such a positive and uplifting experience.  What worked so well was how you engaged and interacted with the audience throughout your presentation.  A hard balancing act that you achieved with enviable ease and absolute charm.  Thank you…”
Lisa Grainger
Organisational Development
NHS Hillingdon Trust
Thank you for a very successful and enjoyable event for the finance team of EIB.  Everybody seems to have liked the evening.  I got much positive, even enthusiastic feedback, absolutely unheard of… not a single disgruntled remark!
Bertrand de Mazières
Director General of Finance
European Investment Bank
The Music & Management presentation was stimulating, thought provoking and very worthwhile.  It gave our management team an interesting new framework for looking at management issues...
Andrew Kemble
Management Director
Yamaha Pianos UK
I want to thank you warmly for your great intervention this afternoon. It was a pleasure to have you among us and throughout the reception we heard Humanitarian Coordinators and our own senior leadership praising the session and your gentle and compelling approach to bringing them to reflect on leadership. And of course we all enjoyed the music!…
Séverine Rey
Officer in Charge, Humanitarian Leadership Strengthening Unit (HLSU) United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
United Nations
The time spent with you had an immense impact on all attending and provided us with new concepts, that the universal language of music evokes with simplicity and clarity.  Your piano performances giving examples of terms such as dynamics, timing, listening, communication, tone, rhythm and many other fundamental aspects, not only brought home the point of how essential these are to music, but also showed how they touch our everyday professional and personal lives...      
Brigitte Galut
Director of Training
Thank you so much for creating a fantastic prelude for our Global Lab Experts Meeting. The performance was spectacular, and thus all attendees were extremely motivated and inspired. We could not have imagined a more beautiful start of our event. Dominic Alldis succeeded in conveying the key message of the meeting with his awesome Musical Interludes. With the exceptional mix of classical and jazz parts, he together with his co-musicians set the right spirit for the meeting. He got involved with our meeting, and related needs, so basing on our input he created a tailored setting for our experts. The event was unique, outstanding, and inspirational…
Dr. Ricarda Jansen
Director of Clinical Affairs
Dentsply Sirona
The event was a big success – thank you once again...
Mogens Maltby
Leadership Development Specialist
Novo Nordisk
Thank you so much again for the session you ran for us - it went down fantastically well, as I knew it would…
Marco Amitrano
Head of Consulting UK, PwC
I and others were blown away with your performance.  You were the finale that pulled all the content from the day together into a moving, touching performance…
Kristie Bartee
Director, Development Excellence
It was such a pleasure to work with you on the Leadership Forum. The reaction was that you and the orchestra piece were absolutely exceptional. Congratulations. I look forward to the next opportunity to work together…
John Gregory
Marketing Communications Director
Conductor and jazz musician Dominic Alldis spoke at a plenary session of our Conference in Cambridge. He used music to inspire over 100 attendees drawn from all parts of the globe on how the high-level skills of players can be managed. There are valuable lessons to be learned and I, for one, will henceforth view conductors of orchestras in a new light...
Meredith Belbin
Conductor and jazz musician Dominic Alldis’s presentation and insights made the meeting one of the most successful senior meetings the company has had. We highly recommend him as a speaker for any organization interested in achieving its potential…
Patricia Kennedy
Learning & Development
Booz Allen
Your session reminded us that to pursue true excellence amid the fast-paced business and societal pressures around us, we must embrace the often neglected virtues of listening and patience...
Mark Lee
Director of Strategic Management
Central Bank of Malaysia
Conductor and jazz musician Dominic Alldis delivered a brilliant session for a group of 150 international executives from Coca-Cola. He spoke about collaboration, innovation and responding to change, and then played with a jazz band to bring these concepts to life. The delegates were delighted and inspired by the session...
Brendan O'Connor
Castle Management
Profound insights into innovation through live performance and discussion. Moreover, the jazz vision is dead right for today’s organizations... compelling, engaging and applicable to any creative business...
Nigel Nicholson
London Business School
Let me tell you that you and your musicians had a terrific impact on our audience and they were more than inspired, also re-energised by your performance
Stephane Voyer
Groupe HR Development Director
Music & Management connected music creation with business challenges and it helped re-enforce important messages about teamwork and leadership.  The musical performances were remarkably good, given the short time and lack of talent, it has given us a motive to talk further about how we work together, and most of all it provided a common language regardless of ability or experience, prompting us to think about listening more.  It gave me great confidence in our business challenges going forward…
David Linthwaite
Director of Training & Development
The presentation by Dominic Alldis was rich in metaphors and the examples given were relevant, there was never a dull moment.  This really is the best type of management development - interactive, pertinent, thought provoking and entertaining.  I can say it was quite the best professional development event I have attended in many years…
Marcus Hill
Northern Link Manager
Yorkshire Water
I could not believe how relevant and aligned music was with business… Absolutely wonderful, an unforgettable hour… I will not listen to classical music again in the same way...  An outstanding session...  Amazing connections to the corporate world…  I never realized how being a conductor of our orchestra could relate so well to leadership and organizations...  Many lessons to take back...  I wish it could have lasted all day...
Advanced Management Program
Columbia Business School
I just wanted to reach out to you personally to thank you once again for the excellent Keynote Speech you gave during our recent EMEA meeting in Frankfurt. In the days following on from the event, many people stated how much they had enjoyed your session and how they had been able to relate to it and learn from it. Music speaks to all…
Jo Ely
Senior Marketing Manager
Leica Microsystems
What a truly well thought, brilliantly planned and wonderfully executed event. Initiatives such as this, which accurately capture the investment the organisation makes in its employees, make one feel truly privileged and special…
Participants feedback
It was wonderfully inspiring and will linger long in the memory. Thank you for spending time with the team and with our clients…
Richard Waterer
Managing Director EMEA
Dominic Alldis’s innovative approach helped to reinforce the critical importance of clear communication and engagement and teamwork when trying to lead high performance teams. I would recommend him to any organisation that is trying to reinforce these principals to clients and colleagues...
Jason Disborough
CEO, Multi National Clients
We enjoyed a magic moment suspended in the air of time. Dominic Alldis has the power to illustrate collective and individual management practices through the art of music...
Pierre Minodier
Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants d'entreprise
I want to thank you warmly for the truly memorable "lesson" you taught us in Berlin. So many of my colleagues came to me afterwards to say how much they had liked your session. Our CEO was also very positive and made reference to you again in his closing remarks. It was a great pleasure and honour to have you with us...
Gaby Tschofen
Vice President Corporate Communications
Barry Callebaut
"Very different – very sensible – super engaging, the feedback from colleagues was great. Living up to the expectation and giving a different perspective. It was great to have Dominic with us...”
Astrid Scherer
VP Business Operations Bayer Pharma & Consumer Health